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Fair Trade labels on local grocery items

Be a Modern Day Abolitionist

Together, we are using our buying power to help abolish modern day slavery.  We are becoming  more familiar with the term Fair Trade, but some of you may not be sure how to identify those Fair Trade products.

These tools are an effective way to become a label conscious abolitionist.

Fair Trade Labels

Companies must reapply every year for Fair Trade certification.  They are required to list the suppliers who comply with Fair Trade standards, then these suppliers are scrutinized for their use of money and services.

Look for these specific labels which identify Fair Trade certified items:

  • Fair Trade Certified-shows product certification
  • Fair Trade Foundation-this is a FTF U.S. based company that bases certification on 9 principles
  • WFTO Producer Certification-this is a world Fair Trade organization
  • Fair Trade Labeling Organization-this organization certifies Fair Trade co-ops

Research the companies where you frequently purchase items

Companies are presently being graded for their integrity in the supply chain.  A company may receive an A through an F depending upon their commitment to producing products that are ultimately slave free.

Companies such as Levi’s, Nike and Old Navy have received an A or B rating.

Companies such as McCormick Spices, Hershey’s Company and Hanes Brand have each received a D rating.

In order to clearly understand these company ratings, check out this informative website:

Company Grade Explanation – Free2Work.

Smart App-tivism

If you have an Android or iPhone, you can download a free Smart App that will help you identify Fair Trade items on the spot.

Android and iPhone Smart App-tivism:

About Smart Phone App – Free2Work.

Please join the discussion and tell us what Fair Trade items you are purchasing. 

If you use the Smart-Apptivism download, I would enjoy hearing how it is working for you.

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