Blessings and Blunders

Our lives are filled with blessings and blunders.  Everyday rituals, conversations and routines that have the capability to fill our hearts with joy, growth or regret.  I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  I’m just a girl who desires to hear and honor God in my day to day life.  I’ve been entrusted with three precious lives, and I choose to build into those lives and enjoy them with every opportunity I am given.

While sitting in a meeting, a school instructor encouraged my husband and I to start a support group for special needs families.  She said she meets so many families who are stuck in their grief and unable to help their child grow in productivity.  I responded, “We also grieve, but we are constantly trying to come to terms with it for everyone’s sake”.   More people  encouraged us to share our life as a special needs family.

Over the years I have not revealed too much about my oldest son.  I answer questions and educate others when they are trying to understand or work with him.  But, I rarely reveal the daily trials we face with a child who has special needs.  I want to protect his dignity and I never want to be mistaken for complaining.  I am grateful that my life is so much the richer because of him.

However, after sixteen years, I finally realize I can tell stories about our trials so others who find themselves in a similar position can be encouraged.  As our boy grows through his stages of development, we have to adjust our expectations of him.  We go through cycles of grief and contentment.  We are always coming to terms with his special needs, and I am finally writing about it, because life is just the way it is!

As you share the blessings and blunders with me,  I desire you will find hope in your own unique circumstances.