The Wisdom Diaries-Day One

Justine Leveille

Dear Lord,

As I settle in tonight, I reflect on the day and all you have been opening my eyes to as 2011 is past and 2012 is waiting to be opened and explored.  To hear Your still small voice…. clearly…can be quite difficult.

The voices of my friends,

convictions of pastors and preachers,

advice from parents,

my own over-analytical thoughts,

and of course culture’s lure-

they all pull my attention.

They all are influences that creep in and confuse my heart and mind from hearing You.

As a single young woman, You have been increasingly molding and shaping my outlook on life, granting me bits of wisdom and understanding as I seek to know Your ways.

The latest discovery You have taught me is about holding and understanding my personal values.  You have allowed me both guidance and experiences to lead me to claim and understand the importance of acknowledging my values.

Thank you for revealing to me very recently a core value I hold: the practice of hard work, stability and consistency in that hard work.  It has become more and more clear that this value in particular is so deeply engrained in me. It burns in my heart –to my very core. It is a conviction I have discovered I am unwilling to compromise in my dating relationships.

I hope one day to be married to a man, who with his entire heart wants to honor You, Lord. I realize now, how important it is that he shares the desire to provide through hard work.  You know I thrive on hard work, in every form: physically, mentally, socially, spiritually. I feel every dimension of me come alive when I work diligently towards accomplishing a goal. I desire to stay true to these values. You have worked them inside of me.

When hard work and excellence get difficult, I cling to your Truth which gets me through– Hebrews 12:11 “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful.  Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.” I believe this Lord, with my whole heart.

The values and convictions that make up so much of who I am are worth protecting and fighting for.  Lord, I just pray that You would continue to align my life and my convictions with those that are in your Word. 

I am challenged to continue to explore

and examine my heart

in pursuit of Your truth

and to discover more of the core values I possess that ultimately come from You and serve You.

I am looking forward. Yours,


(Justine is a 24-year-old whose soul purpose is to live life to the fullest measure,to serve God and bring Him glory.  She loves to learn, exercise in any and every way, travel, eat great food, cook, teach children, read, dance, watch movies, and be social!  Her heart is to share the love of Jesus with others and be used to ignite and grow a passion for Christ in young woman’s lives.)

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  1. Melissa Spitznagel says:

    I loved reading this again Justine! Your words are always encouraging and filled with wisdom! I’m looking forward to reading more. 🙂

    • Justine Leveille says:

      Melissa! It’s great to see you have found the website! I’m glad you enjoyed the read:) Stay tuned for more to come….

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