Love is calling out my name

The song told a beautiful story, a boy walking past his Mom’s bedroom every morning, and catching a glimpse of her through the crack in the door, bowing on her knees.  He knew she was praying for him and he sang, ”Love is calling out my name”.  Through the rocky moments of his life the Spirit of God forever whispered in his heart and he knew, love was calling out his name.

There are moments in my life I know love is calling out my name.  This love, is the love of God that will not let me go.  His love stirs my heart to listen, line up with His will, serve Him.  His love keeps calling my name.

I was on my first mission trip with a singing group in my early 20’s.  We traveled throughout the U.S. and Iron Curtain countries.  Generous people opened their homes to us along the way, and sometimes I was able to stay in a friend’s home.  One night I stayed with my wonderful friend from college.

Not wishing to disturb her at the crack of dawn, I stepped into another room to get ready.  I assumed the room was empty, but  there in the darkness, on his knees, was my girlfriend’s dad.  He was deep in prayer and did not give notice to my entrance.  Quickly, I backed out of the room with my heart pounding.  Personally, I had never witnessed such a thing: an aging man on his knees, intense in his conversation with God, disciplined to awake before the hustle of the day in order to meet with his Lord.

As I was leaving their home, I told me girlfriend what I witnessed.  She told me he has been on his knees every morning of her life.  She lives the fruit of her father’s dedication; a beautiful, confident, healthy, Jesus loving woman.

Oh, the humility of a man who recognizes his daily need for His Father God.  Oh, the great love of a father who prays for his children’s lives every day.  His faithful image remains etched in my mind.

Walking the brick streets of Prague, I had the privilege of partnering with a woman a couple of generations older than me.  We were meeting Czech students and sharing Jesus with them.  We prayed as we walked, asking the Lord to bring open hearts our way.  Countless times students prayed asking Jesus to be their Saviour and Lord.  With a bounce of joy in her voice, my partner would tell me, “We just entered into the prayers of their loved ones”.

Consistently, these students told us their mother or colleagues were telling them about Jesus. It became a life lesson to me.   Now when I pray for the salvation and spiritual growth of others, I pray the Spirit will guide colleagues and friends into their lives who love Jesus.  I am confident they become the ones entering into my prayers as my love and the love of God calls each of them individually.

We said our goodbyes to my husband’s dear Mother a few years ago.  She was a great homemaker, generous giver, dedicated wife, mother and grandmother.  Most of all, she was a lover of God who spent much time praying for the people in her life.  I knew when she went to be with the Lord, we lost a mighty prayer warrior. I know her prayers are still bearing fruit because the Spirit is always at work, faithful to accomplish what concerns us.

Thanks to the modeling of godly men and women like her, my husband and I call out the names of our children.   Each morning I pray over them, each evening their dad prays with them.  Throughout the day, we pray for the details of their lives.  We pray our children will love and desire God, honor Him in their friendships and work, and grow deeply in their character.  Trusting wherever they go and throughout their lives, the love of the Father will continue to personally call them to Himself.

“In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins.”  I Jhn 4:10

If you would like to read more about the love of God and the Holy Spirit’s work in your life, you will enjoy the book of I John.

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  1. Tiffani Sutherland says:

    Thank you Auntie Bonnie for using Grandma’s life to encourage others! I am so thankful and awestruck by her love for God and her family and the relationship that she had with the Lord. I am also so thankful that she passed that on to her children, my mom and uncle!! Thank you for the wonderful memory of her in a time when I needed it the most. My little Sadie has some big shoes to fill by being her namesake!!

    • I’m glad this encouraged you, Tiffani. I also have great memories of my grandma praying for me and wanted to name one of my kids after her. We had to get creative since we didn’t have girls! Grandma’s have such a unique role and ability to influence generations.

  2. PJ (Patti) says:

    Hi Bonnie! What a beautiful post! I have never had the privilege to do what you have done (in another country), but I do witness to people here. It is so hard to believe in a country which is supposed to be BASED on Christian values, how many people either don’t know about the love of God, or have known and thrown it away listening to the lies of Satan. I pray constantly for our nation and the community in which I live. I have a couple of precious ladies in my church who I know are my prayer warriors. I have only had a SERIOUS relationship with God for 12 years. Before that, I consider myself a “hit and miss” Christian, and really deep in my heart I know “You’re either a Christian or you’re NOT”. I just don’t like the word NOT. Anyway, before, I knew there was a God because I had gone to Sunday school when I was little. I knew that He died on the Cross for me. The thing is, like so many other people I thought of Him as a history lesson, a God far off who only cared about the Big things in my life. NOW, becoming apostolic and delving into prayer and the Word, I know better. God and I have a wonderful relationship. We talk together all the time. I have LEARNED to LISTEN for His still, small voice in my spirit to guide me. My life has become so much richer. It’s all because my church family and these 2 ladies have taken the time to pray for and with me, and help me learn. Anytime I have a question about a scripture, one or the other of them are right there with an answer. That means a lot.
    OOPS! Here I go writing a book again. I get so engrossed when I start writing about my relationship with God, I forget not everyone cares, it’s just important to me.
    Thank you for the opportunity to share.
    God Bless,

    • Patti, back in my college years I shared Jesus with many of my friends at home and in the inner cities of America. I felt specifically called to go to the Iron Curtain. I felt very scared about the communist countries and my dad thought I was a lunatic. But Jesus put a real burning in my heart to go and be courageous with Him living inside me. I do not believe everyone needs to go abroad, because as you said, there is great need for salt and light here-in America! (Acts 1:8-our own neighborhood). I am so thankful you have “those 2 ladies” building into your life through prayer and godly counsel! We all need people like them in our lives. Thanks so much for sharing your story.

  3. PJ (Patti) says:

    Hey Bonnie! I’ve been trying to figure out how to follow you. Is the only way to subscribe to e-mail?

    God Bless,

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